Despite its immense popularity, Ripple struggles to find a regular use case in day to day transactions. However, if you’re holding enough XRP cryptocurrency, you can buy a 27 acre piece of land in California! Propy Inc, a real-estate agency in California is looking forward to sell this land in exchange for Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple payments. 

While Bitcoin and Ethereum have been seen as common modes of payment - Ripple’s name rarely appears in such listings. Over the past few years, Ripple has been rising into prominence. While it was seen only as a payments platform for financial institutions in the past - of late, the importance of Ripple has been noticed by the investors as well. Especially after the massive 36,000% rise in price - Ripple has become a major success story in the cryptocurrency markets. 

Propy Inc announced:

Great news! We added XRP as a cryptocurrency accepted at Propy, starting with a rare investment opportunity to acquire one of the last large pieces of city land in Silicon Valley! $, BTC, ETH and now #XRP are accepted. The offer is exclusive on #propy:

Considering that the land that is being sold is at the silicon valley- America’s biggest tech hub, it is expected that there will be many who will be willing to buy it at the price and using the means of payment that the company wants. It has been pointed out that the land is close to the Netflix headquarters and not so far away from San Jose and San Francisco as well - making it an ideal location for any tech firms to set up their office here. Propy describes this property as:

The site offers a spectacular panoramic view of Los Gatos Hills and beyond. This off-market site offers a buyer the opportunity to build up to 10 luxurious homes overlooking some of the most pristine lands in Northern California.

The soil and the weather are ideal for wine lovers to have their own vineyard, olive farm and even raise horses. Families can enjoy picnics during the day and gaze at stars at night while enjoying fresh air and picturesque view of Silicon Valley on the hilltop that will remain forever

Going by the current market rates, this property, which is worth $16,000,000 in fiat currencies - would cost 2,213.61 BTC or 30,018.76 ETH or 27,874,564 XRP to purchase. In case you have that kind of money stashed up in cryptos - and are looking forward to a 27 acre land in America’s biggest tech hub - you can check this place out!