Invox Finance was launched by ABR Finance PVT Ltd. who is one of the leaders in the Financing Industry in Australia. It is built on the Blockchain technology and solves a significant problem faced by the parties involved in Invoice Financing. The Invoice Financing industry is valued at 2.85 Trillion USD and is growing at a swift rate. The reason for the fast growth is because of its problem-solving nature. 

What is Invoice Financing?

Invoice Financing allows Businesses to get cashflow by selling their due invoices to the Financier. To better understand, there are three major parties involved in the transaction, Business owner (seller), a customer who bought product/services from business (buyer) and the Financier. 

The Business owner sells his products to the customer and issues an invoice. To keep the cash flow steady, the business owner sells the invoice to the Financier for less value, For an instance, the invoices worth $10,000, shall be sold for $8,000 to the Financier. This way he gets instant cash into his Business. On the due date, the Financier collects the amount from the customer. 

What is Invox?

Invox is a decentralized peer-to-peer invoice lending platform built on Blockchain Technology. It allows direct interactions among the parties involved namely, Sellers, Buyers, and Investors. By facilitating transparency between the parties, it creates trust among them.

It also comes with Dynamic Invoicing. Invoices haven’t changed in years, but with Dynamic invoicing, the Financier can add costs or mention about a discount given to the buyer. All the data would stay on Blockchain which would help others Financiers and Businesses to know the if the seller is trustworthy to trust again!

Outstanding Features of Invox

Decentralised Platform

The Invox Finance platform uses the Blockchain Technology. The Dynamic invoicing uses the Ethereum smart contracts. Every party involved in the transaction could directly connect, share, and distribute information. Being able to contact directly would reduce the time taken for communication to happen.

Lower Rates for the Sellers

The Invox platform not just connects the sellers and the investors, but it also allows Individual investors to take part. It means that a Business (seller) can get funds for the invoices at lower rates. The platform is transparent; an individual investor doesn’t need to go through a lot of activities like a credit rating.

Dynamic Invoices

The 'Dynamic invoices' is one of the best features of the system. Invox Finance allows all the parties to update the invoice information in real-time. This way, if there is a partial payment made by the buyer, he/she could update it, and the updated invoice would be available to all the parties.

Reducing Risks

The Invox Finance system allows the investors to purchase a small part of a significant investment; this enables the investor to diversify his investments. For instance, instead of buying invoices worth $100,000 from a single Business, the investor could buy a fragment/part in it. This way, even if the Buyer (customer of the business) is a fraud, the investor won’t make a huge loss. Although, this doesn’t guarantee “NO RISKS,” but it does help the investors in reducing the risks.

The Invox Token

With the Invox Finance platform, the company will also launch an Invox token. The buyers and the sellers will be rewarded with it for verification of the transactions. Being built on the Ethereum network makes the transfer of the Invox tokens quick.

It’s important for the sellers to have the Invox Tokens. Without them, they won’t be able to access the Invox Finance platform. The seller needs to pay some amount of Invox Tokens for a yearly membership through the Trusted member program to gain platform access.


If you’re new to Cryptocurrencies, ICO refers to Initial Coin Offering. The people who participate in it are given tokens at a discounted price. Invox is conducting the ICO to pre-sell the membership through the sale of the Invox tokens. 

Invox Tokens will entitle holders to access the Invox Finance Platform through the Trusted Member Program. By participating in the Invox Finance two-stage fundraising process, you get Invox Tokens at a significant discount. For complete information, please visit:

Note: This is a sponsored press release.