On May 24, New-York based Ethereum Development Studio ConsenSys has released a blockchain and decentralized application (Dapp) kit to help developers who want to enter into growing Crypto space. The kit provides various resources along with the skills needed to find work as an Ethereum blockchain and Decentralized Application (DApp) developer.

Apart from resources which will help developers to move to the professional field, it provides data about expected salaries and a list of companies which are actively looking to hire blockchain talent. Also, it provides a summary of the technical skills base a developed would require to master.

The kit consists of primary blockchain knowledge glossary, which covers basic blockchain knowledge, along with consensus algorithms; miners and security incentivization; proof of work vs. proof of stake; smart contracts; transactions, gas, and gas prices; sharding; scalability trilemma; and token standards.

The kit outlines the most relevant cryptographic terms and topics. It tackles public and private key encryption, key agreement/exchange, digital signatures, hash functions, ring signatures, zero-knowledge proofs, trusted execution environment, and other topics. 

Apart from this, the kit also provides links on the places where developers can start their search for employment. This mainly includes sites such as Blocktribe and Gitcoin.co along with some standard sites such as Indeed.com.

Talking about the programming languages for the ETH-based DApp development, the kit suggests proper coding skills of JavaScript, Python, and Solidity. In the case of backend ETH protocol development, it requires the experience of languages such as Go, Rust, Java, .Net, C++, and Ruby are significant.

“Companies hiring range from small remote teams to VC-funded startups to industry leaders and tech giants,” the firm said.

According to the LinkedIn's 2018 U.S Emerging Jobs Report, ConSensys states that the blockchain developers topped the professional network’s list for highest-growth positions in 2018, apparently increasing 33 percent when compared with the last year.

One study conducted by the PwC, ConsenSys indicates that 77% of companies surveyed are ready to launch blockchain-based solutions and products, however, only 14% of firms have no plans to integrate blockchain technology.

Currently, 68% of the web developers are positive about the blockchain technology, out of which 30% believe that blockchain technology will bring "life-changing" effects as per the Stack Overflow's 2019 Developer Survey.

ConsenSys also declared in a press release it will expand its operations which will help to make a better market presence. The firm wants to raise $200 million in funding. Also, it declared that Kavita Gupta will be leaving the VC investment branch of ConsenSys Ventures, which will then be combined with ConsenSys Labs and accelerator Tachyon under one umbrella investment firm.