America's leading Crypto Exchange Coinbase declared today it is adding support for Dogecoin besides several other coins in the Coinbase wallet. As per the latest announcement, Coinbase users can instantly store their cryptocurrencies on the Coinbase Wallet Application.

The latest feature will be available for Android as well as iOS users with the Coinbase wallet app. For all DogeCoin users who don't have the Coinbase wallet, can simply download it from the Apple app store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android.

The Coinbase currently supports various other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Ripple (XRP), Stellar Lumens (XLM). Apart from this, it also supports 10,000 different ERC20 tokens and ERC721 collectibles built on Ethereum.

The main purpose of the Crypto Exchange is to add support for as many cryptocurrencies as possible and make purchases, storage and crypto transfers as simple and secure as possible. Presently, adding support for Dogecoin is just the next step towards achieving that purpose.

More assets are required to be added as and when time goes on and as Coinbase users indicate that most supported digital assets were added based on the user's recommendations.

Apart from the wallet, Coinbase is one of the leading Crypto Exchanges in the world of cryptocurrency. The firm is continuously involved in promoting knowledge about Cryptocurrency in the most unique way in the market.

Coinbase's 'Learn and Earn' program has attracted thousands of people to learn about Cryptocurrencies however paying them with the same crypto as an incentive to encourage learning, only in the US.

Dogecoin is mainly used on social media and websites to reward content creators and authors. It was originally invented in 2013 as a joke currency, the logo itself represents a likeliness of shiba inu dog from the "doge" meme. It's inventor Jackson Palmer mainly invented the token to thrust fun at the hype surrounding cryptocurrencies in Silicon Valley at that time.

Presently, Dogecoin is the 27th largest cryptocurrency with a total market cap of more than $305 million. We hope that the addition of Dogecoin to the Coinbase wallet will expand its user base along with current Coinbase current wallet users worldwide.