One of the leading Crypto Platform Coinbase has initiated Coinbase Earn Program for the public in around 100 countries, as per the press release on May 17.

As per the announcement, users will be able to earn their share of $100 million pool of cryptos for finishing instructional tasks and for investing in crypto trading. As per the team, this consists of users from around 100 countries across the globe. In order to learn about crypto, users have to register on

Previously, Coinbase declared the program at the end of 2018 as an invite-only initiative. The pilot period allows users to earn Crypto by learning about the ERC-20 token "Ox" (ZRX). Coinbase said as per the Survey they conducted, uneducated users, were reluctant to invest in crypto but were eager to learn:  

“ of the biggest barriers preventing people from exploring a new digital asset was a lack of knowledge about that asset. Many of the people we surveyed expressed a strong desire to begin learning about new and different crypto assets beyond Bitcoin, but didn’t know where to begin.”

This project is not only beneficial to the users but also to the asset issuers. As asset issuers will be able to use the system to test out their blockchain projects and getting them informed about how to make use of their project or cryptocurrency.

As the title suggests, Coinbase Earn users will be able to earn Crypto. By taking quizzes about cryptocurrencies like Stellar Lumens (XLM), ZCash (ZEC), and Basic Attention Token (BAT), users will be able to earn specific coins. The platform ensured that it will add more cryptocurrencies in the near future. Currently, Coinbase is focused to provide these services for developed markets, with the object of moving it to the emerging markets in the near future.

This consists of continents of the United States and European Union. After this, the platform is available to Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Ireland, Germany, Iceland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden. 

Coinbase Earn is available in various countries such as Canada, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, South Korea, and Taiwan. 

To use Coinbase Earn, all users are required to Sign Up to Coinbase and start participating in various quizzes and tutorials after they have successfully passed the ID verification and passed pre-set Earn eligibility criteria.

For all the countries were Earn is not available, you will be able to get verification and become part of the waitlist. Keeping it first inline as soon as Earn has become available. You can check out the Eligibility Criteria within this project by clicking on this link.