• Market Cap: $266b

  • Jun 04, 2023

Abra Resticts Americans from Holding Some Cryptos due to Regulatory Issues

Abra App Restrict Americans from holding EOS and 4 other Cryptos due to Regulatory Issues

Abra CEO Predicts Bitcoin Price Boom Will Return in 2018 - ‘All Hell Will Break Loose’

Abra, founded by Bill Barhydt, is a digital wallet for smartphones that lets people buy and hold up to 20 cryptocurrencies and 50 fiat currencies with the help of smart contracts. Amidst most of the financial analysts' speculation...

Abra Wallet Now Supports 20 Cryptocurrencies, 50 Fiat Currencies!

With its latest update, the Abra Wallet now supports 50 fiat currencies and 20 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and Litecoin!