• Market Cap: $135b

  • Feb 22, 2019

What Is Binance Coin? - Everything You Need To Know About Binance Coin

Learn everything about Binance Coin like its core team, its strength, how to buy and store, etc before you decide to invest in Binance Coin.

Coinbase Announces Acquisition of Neutrino Blockchain Intelligence Startup

Coinbase's latest acquisition is that of Neutrino, a blockchain intelligence startup based in Italy.

Bitmain Lost $500 Million in Q3 2018: IPO Filing Reveals

Bitmain lost $500 Million in Q3 2018 - the comapny's IPO filing to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange reveals.

The Block Crypto Media Publication Accused of Plagiarism, Public Defamation by CryptoMedication

The Block Crypto, a popular site for cryptocurrency news and study has recently been accused of plagiarism and public defamation by another popular crypto researcher.

Bitmain Introduces New Energy-Efficient BM1397 7nm Bitcoin Mining ASIC Chip

Bitmain has now introduced a new 7nm Bitcoin mining ASIC chip, which focuses on energy efficiency. 

Binance Academy Hits the Top Three on Most Popular Services on Product Hunt

The Binance Academy platform has now reached among the top three names under the category of ‘most popular services’ on Product Hunt.

Shift Financial to End Crypto-to-Debit Service: All Coinbase-Linked Bitcoin Debit Cards to be Deactivated in April

Shift Financial, the company that launched the Shift Card cryptocurrency debit card services in the United States - is all set to exit the markets in April 2019

JP Morgan’s JPM Coin Controversy: Is it Not a Cryptocurrency Or Is it the ‘Ripple Killer’?

Ever since the JPM Coin came out, a major controversy erupted. Many in tech aren’t even acknowledging JPM Coin to be a 'real' cryptocurrency!

Microsoft Pulls Down 8 Malicious Crypto-Mining Apps from Microsoft Store

8 applications which were illicitly mining for cryptocurrencies using the processing power of the users’ computers were recently pulled down from the Microsoft Store.

Bitcoin ETF Talks Resume as SEC Reviews Proposal from NYSE Arca and Bitwise Asset management 

A new proposal about Bitcoin ETFs has now found its way into the SEC - this time filed by NYSE Arca along with Bitwise Asset Management.