TradeOgre is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that supports trading of a wide variety of coins against bitcoin. The trading platform features a simple and intuitive interface, responsive customer support team, low transaction and withdrawal fees, an easy registration and trading process as well as low risk due to the low trading volumes.

Additionally, TradeOgre has an API that developers can implement within their products after they have customized it to suit their needs. The API’s design is not complex; therefore, anyone can use it to access the market by making requests using the standard HTTP and they will receive a response in the JSON format.

How Does TradeOgre Work?

To begin trading on TradeOgre, users will have to complete the registration process where they will only have to provide their email address. The next step is account setup; the user has to make a deposit using Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency to their TradeOgre exchange wallet. On the platform, users can monitor the recent market trades, buy or sell trades, access the order book or view previous trade history. The trade page also has a BTC/USD ticker where the users can access the market situation analysis of the crypto market.

To view all the information regarding the traded cryptocurrencies, users can click on the listed markets segment on the website. The trade table also provides valuable insights to the users as it has information on the cryptocurrency’s name, its daily percentage change, its ticker symbol, its price and volumes. The website also features a FHD monitor that displays 24-hour high and 24-hour low prices, which the users can sort in a descending or ascending order.

Users of TradeOgre can explore specific markets through the market ticker symbol on the website, which will in turn chart graphics with columns that can be customized to show hourly, daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or yearly price chart.

Users can send a request to list a coin that is not currently listed on TradeOgre through filing the TradeOgre Coin Listing Application, where they will be requested for information regarding the coin, and why coin needs to be added.

Why trade on TradeOgre?

Multiple cryptocurrencies

There are over 56 cryptocurrencies that users can trade on TradeOgre such as Litecoin, Monero, Dash, PeepCoin, Stellite, Electroneum, FreelaBit, IntenseCoin, Karbo, Strayacoin, Sumokoin, Turtlecoin, Aeon, Alloy, BitCoal, Bytecoin, Civitas, and Verge.

Low Fees

TradeOgre charges low fees for its trade whereby traders are only required to pay 0.20% flat fee on all the orders that are fulfilled, which is one of the lowest rates in the market. Since fiat currencies are not accepted on the trading platform, there are no wire fees that are deducted. For the withdrawal fees, they are calculated based on the each coin’s blockchain congestion.

Intuitive Interface

TradeOgre’s website features an intuitive interface that has useful and informative functions that both beginner and professional traders will find beneficial. Furthermore, TradeOgre’s design makes it possible for developers to integrate it into their products or systems.
Customer support

TradeOgre has a responsive and efficient customer support that users can contact through direct messaging on the Twitter page in case there are issues when withdrawing or depositing trading. The team will respond in a few minutes.