One of the leading ride-sharing company Uber has decided to take an essential step to connect with the blockchain technology in order to enhance its services. Blockchain Healthcare startup Solve.Care teams up with Uber Health to transport patients, Solve.Care declared in a press release on July 9.

Solve.Care is based on the Ethereum blockchain and its main purpose to connect all the healthcare system together. The service is going to be introduced this year.

The main purpose here is that the clients of the platform will be able to take care of the process of going to the doctor with the help of technology. According to the press release, Uber's Health Transportation services will be installed in the Solve.Care's personal healthcare coordination and administration app Care.Wallet. Along with the app, users can schedule their appointments and Schedule their Uber Health Care, that follows guidelines of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.

Moreover, patients will be able to pay for their service using Care.Wallet and share costs with the family members, employers, insurers, and other people. Dan Trigub, head at Uber Health said in the press release about the development:

“Every year, an estimated 3.6 million Americans miss their medical appointments due to a lack of reliable transportation, with the cost of missed primary care appointments estimated at US$150 billion annually. At Uber Health, we are always looking for ways to ensure that transportation is not a barrier to care.”

Uber Health was started way back in March 2018. Trigub mentioned that some of the firms are using the API of the company and it was made in order to comply with the U.S. Health Insurance Portability. 

The service is specially providing rides for people who don't want to miss their appointments and is moving in the right direction.

Solve.Care works in a similar manner and its main goal is that prevent patients who are losing their appointments. Pradeep Goel, CEO of Solve.Care said that using an open-source platform like Ethereum can be great to eliminate redundancies and help clients to find doctors and lower insurance fraud. The main purpose of the firm is to reduce most of the costs and issues which comes in the way of patients getting the treatment.