Apple’s main goal is to look after cryptographic developer tools at Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2019, the firm will launch tools in the event program on June 5. 

One of the sessions which is scheduled for Wednesday in the upcoming event, titled 'Cryptography and your Apps' Apple is going to release a new tool known as "Cryptokit", which will launch as an update in iOS 13.

The news was first shared by Frederic Jacobs, an Apple Engineer on Twitter. He mentioned Cryptokit as "a fast and secure Swift API to perform cryptographic operations." 

The new tool, Cryptokit will allow developers to build more secure apps with better functionality and support. It will also be used to execute cryptographic operations such as hashing, key generation, and encryption.

As per the documentation, Apple Crypto Kit can calculate and compare cryptographically secure digests, use public-key cryptography to form and estimate digital signatures and carry out the key exchange, and generate symmetric keys and use them in operations along with message authentication and encryption.

“System frameworks encrypt both data at rest and data in transit in a transparent way for you. This functionality is available by simple setting an attribute. However you may want to do more to protect your users’ data,” the event description states.

“Cryptokit is a new Swift framework that makes it easier and safer than ever to perform cryptographic operations, whether you simply need to compute a hash or are implementing a more advanced authentication protocol.”

The currently running WWDC comes as social media users keep an increasing eye out for any hint Apple is changing its approach for the Crypto Industry itself.

Some of the small changes such as in-app SF symbols, which are compatible with the Apple's San Francisco font, now putting a Bitcoin (BTC) logo, didn't go unnoticed by commentators this week.

Earlier, Cryptocurrency Wallet Spend incorporated Apple Pay functionality, enabling users to fund contactless mobile payments with any one of the 20 Cryptocurrencies.

Before a month, Samsung also disclosed its plan to launch cryptocurrency and blockchain functions into its budget galaxy models. The firm has currently integrated this feature in Galaxy S10.