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  • Aug 07, 2020

Huobi Cloud targets to Partner with 80 More Exchanges to increase its Revenue in Emerging Markets

Huobi Cloud targets to Partner with 80 new Exchanges to raise its revenue growth in the emerging markets

South Africa’s Sygnia To Launch a Crypto Exchange

South Africa’s investment management company, Sygnia, has announced its plans to launch a cryptocurrency exchange SygniaCoin, by the third quarter of this year.

South Africa's SARS Explains Cryptocurrency Tax Laws - Urges Citizens To Pay Taxes on Crypto-Earnings

South Africas Revenue Services (SARS) explains cryptocurrency tax laws in the nation - urges citizens to pay taxes on the profit that they make on cryptocurrency earnings.

An Analysis of How Each G-20 Member Region Feels About Cryptocurrencies

As cryptocurrencies become a topic of global economic discussion, here's an analysis of how each G-20 member region feels about cryptocurrencies