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  • May 18, 2022

Indian ED Busted A Crypto Ponzi Which Lured Muslims With Halal Investment Commitments

ED has kept in touch with the RBI to investigate the issue and secure the enthusiasm of the investors in mass who are being tricked using Islam as a tool.

Indian Investors Eager for Quick Profits are Being Duped by Conmen

Indian authorities have arrested two individuals accused of operating a bitcoin Ponzi scheme that swindled 300 bitcoins, approx. $2.6 million from 5000 victims.

Central Bank of Samoa Launches Investigation Against OneCoin Cryptocurrency Pyramid Scheme

The island nation of Samoa becomes the latest nation to join the fight against the OneCoin cryptocurrency pyramid scheme as the Central Bank of Samoa launches an investigation.

Texas State Securities Board Sends Cease and Desist Notice To Lending Platform DavorCoin (DAV)

A Cease and Desist Notice has now been served to DavorCoin by the state of Texas. The ponzi platform offered users interest in exchange of cryptocurrency investments.