• Market Cap: $266b

  • Dec 02, 2022

How to Trade on CryptoGround?

Trading experience on CryptoGround is similar to any real crypto exchange. You can learn the nuances here:

Step 1: Login

Create Game on CryptoGround

Trading Game on CryptoGround

You'll be then redirected to the Game Page

Step 2: Buy/Sell Cryptocurrencies

In this section, you can buy/sell various cryptocurrencies.

Buy Sell CryptoCurrency on CryptoGround

  • Search and Select the coin you intend to trade from right corner price list

    • You can further filter the list based on Coin Name, Price or 24-hr Change 

Search Coin to Trade on CryptoGround

  • You can check historical data of the coin you chose through Line, Candle and OHLC Graphs

    • You can also compare prices from multiple exchanges like Bitfinex, GDAX, Kraken, Bitstamp and Gemini                      

    • You can download the graph image as well 

Crypto Price Chart

  • You can buy/sell the cryptocurrency by setting various fields:

Trade on CryptoGround

  • Here's a detail on each field:

    • Price - The current buy/sell prices displays. You can change this to create Limit Orders. (Limit Orders are executed when the specified price is reached)

    • Quantity - Fill the quantity you intend to buy/sell (e.g. 5 BTC)

    • Fee - This is decided by the game creator. You cannot change it

    • Total - Fill the total amount  you intend to buy/sell (e.g. $500 BTC) 

Note - You can either set Quantity or Total field, the other one will be calculated and set automatically

  • You'll be able to view the trade history of specific coin if you have traded it in past. 

View your trade history on CryptoGround

Step 3: Check the Leader board

CryptoGround Game Learderboard Tab

  • Click on LEADERBOARD to check ranks, number of trades, etc of other players in the game 

Players Leaderboard

  • You can check your rank from information bar. 

Player Rank

Step 4: Check your Portfolio

CrytpoGround Game Portfolio tab

  • Click on PORTFOLIO to keep a note of your trading portfolio. 

Game Portfolio list

Step 5: Check your Orders

CryptoGround Game Orders Tab

  • Click on ORDERS to know your trading history. 

Trade History List

  • You can also check Open Orders (Open Orders are the orders which are not yet executed - like Limit Orders)

Open Orders List