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  • Jun 04, 2023

Venezuela Government starts using Bitcoin in Airports to Avoid US Sanctions

Venezuela's Government is reported to use Bitcoin instead of its own Crypto Pedro on Airports to avoid US Sanctions

Cuba Government is Studying Cryptocurrency to Avoid US Sanctions

Cuba might be the newest country Studying Cryptocurrency to Avoid US Sanctions

Peer-to-Peer Trading Platform in Venezuela Shows Off All-Time Highs for Bitcoin Transactions, Despite Huge Premiums

Venezuela has been one of the many countries to be negatively impacted with the insane inflation of their local currency.

Church's Chicken Restaurant Chain Accepts Dash in Venezuela

Amidst economic and political turmoil, Venezuela created history by becoming the first country to accept cryptocurrency payments for retail transactions.

Petro Gets The Nod of Venezuela’s Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Venezuela has accepted the Petro's status as a national currency, ordering a government entity to pay compensation in Petro.

Dash Launches Payment Service in Venezuela, Price Surges Following USDT Movement

Dash surged by 13% following USDT falling by 4%. Dash also launched the Dash Text service in Venezuela, users can send cryptocurrency via text messaging!

Venezuela Pegs Its Fiat Currency Bolivar to Its Cryptocurrency Petro

Nicolás Maduro, the president of Venezuela said the plan would involve devaluing the bolivar from 285,000 per dollar to 6 million – a drop of 96 percent.

India Declines Venezuela’s Offer to Pay in Petro Cryptocurrency for Oil

Last month, Venezuela offered India a discount on crude oil if the country pays them in Petro cryptocurrency. However, India has declined Venezuela’s offer.

Venezuela Offers 30% Discount to India on Crude Oil If Purchased Via Petro Cryptocurrency

Attempting to increase the adoption of their Petro cryptocurrency, Venezuela has offered 30% discount on crude oil to India if payments are made using Petro.

Venezuela’s Petrol-Backed Cryptocurrency ‘Petro’ To Go On Pre-Sale From Tomorrow

Venezuela’s state-created petrol-backed cryptocurrency, Petro, is all set to go on pre-sale starting tomorrow, the 20th of February.