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  • Sep 25, 2022

Congressman Brad Sherman’s Comments Result in Major Backlash From the Crypto-Community

Congressman Brad Sherman, who believes that Bitcoins can’t achieve much - has now demanded for a blanket ban on "buying or mining cryptocurrencies."

Potcoin to Sponsor Dennis Rodman’s Trip to Singapore For the Trump - Kim Jong-Un Meeting

Dennis Rodman’s trip to the Singapore peace summit is being sponsored by Potcoin - a cryptocurrency that facilitates the purchase of legalized marijuana. 

Coincheck Looks Forward to Expand into the US; Drops Privacy-Centric Coins

Oki Matsumoto, the Monex CEO believes that while Japan is a very progressive market when it comes to cryptocurrencies - the US is expected to soon take it over.

Berkeley City Council Votes in Favour of Blockchain-Based Sale of Municipal Bonds

Berkeley City Council has unanimously approved the plan to get the sale of their municipal bonds on a blockchain system to raise public finance.

Andreessen Horowitz To Start Off a New Cryptocurrency Investment Fund

Private American Venture Capital fund, Andreessen Horowitz, plans to launch a separate fund for exchanging crypto assets.

Wisconsin Debates on Allowing Campaign Contributions Using Cryptocurrencies

During a hearing in Wisconsin On April 24, a proposal was put forth to the Ethics Commission on campaign contributions being allowed in the form cryptos.

Arizona Bill Enabling Crypto Owners to Pay Their Taxes in Bitcoins Passed By House Committee!

Crypto owners in Arizona will soon be able to pay their taxes with bitcoins and other similar cryptocurrencies as Senate Bill 1091 gets passed by House Committee!

Bitmain Gets Permission for Starting off Mining Operations in the US

Following a public hearing - Ant Creek, a company involving Bitmain Co-founder Jihan Wu, has now been allowed to lease 10 acres of land - and eventually buy it to set up their mining operations.

An Analysis of How Each G-20 Member Region Feels About Cryptocurrencies

As cryptocurrencies become a topic of global economic discussion, here's an analysis of how each G-20 member region feels about cryptocurrencies

Plattsburgh To Become The First US City to Ban Cryptocurrency Mining

Plattsburgh, a city in New York, is considering to ban cryptocurrency mining in the region as the residents believe miners are taking undue advantage of the city's cheap power.