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  • Dec 09, 2022

Firefox Quantum's New Update provides an option to Block Crypto Mining Scripts

Firefox Quantum, which is the newest version of the Open-Source Internet Browser Firefox provides an option to Block Crypto Mining Scripts

Malware Shellbot has ability to shutdowm operations of Other Cryptominers

Cryptjacking Malware Shellbot has the ability to spread shutdown operations of Other Cryptominers

US Dept. of Justice sentenced Two Romanians for Cryptojacking Scheme which affected 400,000 Computers

US Dept of Justice Convicted Two Romanians after 21 counts for spreading malware in 4,00,000 computers

Mozilla Firefox now provides Protection from Fingerprint Blocking and Cryptojacking

Popular Web Browser Mozilla Firefox's latest version blocks web-based Cryptojacking

Microsoft Pulls Down 8 Malicious Crypto-Mining Apps from Microsoft Store

8 applications which were illicitly mining for cryptocurrencies using the processing power of the users’ computers were recently pulled down from the Microsoft Store.

400% Rise in Cryptojacking Cases in 2018: Kaspersky Lab Report Reveals

Reports from Kaspersky Labs point out that over 13 Million cases of cryptojacking have been reported this year, up 400% from 2017.

McAfee Labs Unveils New Cryptojacking Malware "WebCobra"

Recently, McAfee Labs detected a secret malware that mines Monero and Zcash where user devices' were unmasked.

Fake Flash Updates Being Used By Hackers to Hide Crypto-Mining Malware

Cryptocurrency mining malware is being pushed into the computers of unsuspecting users in the form of fake flash updates.

Indian Govt Websites Targeted by Hackers: Cryptojacking on the Rise in India

The Economic Times points out that several government websites are being used by hackers to mine for cryptocurrency using the processing powers of the visitors

Crime Doesn’t Pay: Cryptojacking Websites Making Less Than $6/Day on Average

A research report from Germany’s Braunschweig University of Technology states that most websites using cryptojacking are making less than $6 a day on an average