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  • Oct 04, 2023

Google Reverses Ban on Cryptocurrency Ads

Google has introduced a new policy for cryptocurrency advertising which is all set to go into effect starting October.

Facebook Relaxes Crypto-Ads Policy: Coinbase Ads Are Back! 

Facebook has relaxed their policies and now allows for some ads. The first name which has been whitelisted is that of Coinbase.

Facebook and Google Face Heat from Crypto-Community Over Ad-Ban

Months after announcing the ban, these internet giants continue to face a backlash from the crypto-community, which is upset about being treated unfairly.

Microsoft Bing Announces Ban on Crypto Ads Starting July 2018

The latest name to announce a ban against crypto-ads is of Microsoft Bing - the second largest search engine on the planet! The ban will be enforced from July.

Finance Guru Martin Lewis, Suing Facebook

Martin Lewis has decided to start High Court proceedings against social media giant Facebook for failing to stop his name and image being misused

LinkedIn Co-Founder Comments That Cryptocurrency Ad-Ban is a Temporary Trend!

Eric Ly, the co-founder of LinkedIn has commented that the cryptocurrency ad-ban imposed by various social media platforms is a temporary trend!

MailChimp Email Service Bans ICO and Cryptocurrency Related Promotions

Popular email marketing service MailChimp has now announced that they will be banning all cryptocurrency campaigns and ICO promotions from their platform.

Twitter Bans Cryptocurrency Ads Starting Today

After Facebook, Google and Snapchat, Twitter has now become the latest name to announce a ban on cryptocurrency, ICO and token sale related advertisements on their social media platform.

Cryptocurrency Ads Are Banned on Reddit Since 2016!

While Google and Facebook recently announced that they are banning cryptocurrency and ICO related ads, Reddit has imposed a ban on crypto-ads since 2016, without any press releases and warnings!

Cryptocurrencies Bleed As Google Declares Ban on Crypto and ICO Ads Starting June 2018

Starting June 2018, Google will no longer allow cryptocurrency and ICO related advertisements on Google Search, Display Ad Networks and YouTube.