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  • Dec 04, 2021

Reserve Bank of India Tells Supreme Court Why They Denied Banking Services to Crypto Firms

The RBI has now explained to the Supreme Court the reason as to why they stopped providing banking services to cryptocurrency businesses. 

Congressman Brad Sherman’s Comments Result in Major Backlash From the Crypto-Community

Congressman Brad Sherman, who believes that Bitcoins can’t achieve much - has now demanded for a blanket ban on "buying or mining cryptocurrencies."

Parity Technologies Shaken After A Challenging 2017 But Far From Defeated

Parity Technologies is optimistic about future platform developments and is aiming to transform the Ethereum blockchain with its innovative initiatives.

A Crypto Start-Up Vanishes Mysteriously Leaving a Simple Message -- 'Penis'

A relatively new cryptocurrency start-up, Prodeum has vanished from the internet leaving a brief and concise message – Penis.

Ethereum Scores Higher than Bitcoin in Weiss Rating Report

In a recent cryptocurrency ranking report by Weiss Ratings, Ethereum ranked higher than Bitcoin which elicited mixed reactions from the crypto community.

South Korean Government Officials Allegedly Part of Crypto Insider Trading Scandal

This article is about how south korean government officials got alleged in doing crypto insider trading scandal.

Blockchain Technology’s Massive Industry Disruptions

In this article you will find details about how Blockchain as a technology will disrupt the world.