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  • Dec 08, 2019

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Private Bank Kleinwort Hambros Launches Blockchain based Exchange-Traded Note (ETN)

The private bank Kleinwort Hambros has recently decided to launch a new exchange-traded note (ETN) based on blockchain companies, according to reports. The company, which is owned by Societe Generale, is based in Paris. It has a t...

Universal Protocol Alliance Will Launch EUR-Pegged Stablecoin In April

The Universal Protocol Alliance (UP), which is a group formed by the decentralized browser Brave and the crypto exchange Bittrex, has recently announced the launch of its new stablecoin, the Universal Euro (UPEUR), which will be a...

Cardano Releases version 1.5 on Testenet, All Eyes on Upcoming Shelley Update

Recently, Cardano achieved a major milestone by releasing the Cardano 1.5 on the testnet that will be later released on the mainnet. This release has been an important step for the Cardano in preparing for “moving to the Shelley d...

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Movement Demonstrating the Calm Before the Crypto Market Storm

At the time of writing, the leading cryptocurrency has been trading at $3,937 with 24-hours loss of 0.18 percent. Meanwhile, Bitcoin has been managing the daily trading volume of $10.3 billion.

TrustToken's TrueUSD Stablecoin Launches Real-Time Monitoring and 1-Click Redemption Features

TrustToken has decided to enable real-time monitoring of the TrueUSD (TUSD) balances. The intention is to increase transparency in the crypto market after controversies with other stablecoins such as Tether (USDT).

Texas Authorities Fines Nui Social over Securities Fraud in Crypto Mining Space

Touted as a multi-level marketing (MLM) company, Nui Social has felt the full force of the law as the Texas security board has fined them $25,000 for illegally and fraudulently offering investments to the state residents.

Gemini Informs Crypto Investors About Cold Storage, Keys and Use Tips

Events in the cryptocurrency sector have elevated an important conversation about how exchanges or individuals take custody over their cryptocurrencies.

Core Developer Afri Schoeden “Quit Ethereum” over Community Backlash

“I quit Ethereum,” wrote the core developer of Ethereum, Afri Schoeden on Twitter. It is not just the social media that he will be not associating with rather the project itself.

NEO Blockchain Set to Get New Office in Seattle as 3.0 Promises Surface After Latest Event

Blockchain Platform, NEO set to open an office in Seattle, United States

Social Media Kingpin CEO Zuckerberg Shares How Facebook and Blockchain Can Work Together

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of the popular social network Facebook, is currently evaluating the potentialities that blockchain integration would bring to users of the platform. It might be possible for individuals to log in to differ...