The last couple of years has seen a massive increase in interest for blockchain enabled technology, chiefly Cryptos. Investors, enthusiasts, and traders alike thirst for information about the market. And there is plenty of news, ranging from the latest regulatory developments, scams, new investment opportunities and the latest crypto coins being introduced. With all this information, it can be hard to keep up with the latest developments. Thus it is only natural that websites that help filter and aggregate this news have come up. These platforms help users get the gist of the latest happenings in the crypto verse, at a glance. The top eleven such sites are:

Coinna: This aggregator focuses on well-reputed news sources and links their articles on their site. The simple black and white themed site looks to allow readers quick access to breaking news headlines. Apart from that, there are the usual filters to get more in-depth knowledge about anything from the basics of Blockchain to individual coins. It further looks to enrich its patrons by introducing tutorials on those topics.

It is also widely used by the trading community as it has specific sections dedicated to coinbase, the leading crypto exchange and wallet provider, as well as detailed analysis of initial coin offerings and startups.

CoinSpectator: Another platform catering to the more business-minded amongst the community. CoinSpectator gives investors and traders a neat setup to check on crypto prices. It focuses attention on the top crypto tokens, as per market capitalization, but does provide detailed news about all future crypto projects. An interesting aspect is the sites use of direct social media platforms, like Twitter. It links news about crypto directly from such feeds and also provides a mailing list.

Algory: Another site that focuses on day to day crypto trading. Apart from aggregating news from top cryptocurrency news websites, it also collects information from crypto companies about their blockchain related products or services. The site also focusses on related threads from social media platforms such as Reddit. All this is then analyzed and added only if it is likely to affect a particular cryptos price. For this, they utilize nearly a thousand sources.

Ccowl: Easily navigable, this site focuses on news and its verifiability. Interestingly, while there is an index of the top 50 cryptos, Bitcoin is conspicuously missing. This is intentional, to "helps the reader  have an unbiased knowledge of how the cryptocurrency market is performing at any given time." There are alerts and pop-ups when there is a discernable price or rank change.

CryptoPanic: Considered one of the best in this niche market, the source has varied news articles from across the spectrum. It offers a variety of filters as well as the latest prices, to track market movement. A multifaceted platform, this not only collates news but also adds a trading terminal for its visitors. It's trading platform allows for advanced techniques like arbitrage trading and the news section lets readers follow their favorite topics. It is known for its simplicity in design and quick coverage of breaking news.

Flipboard: Offers an eclectic mix of technology related news. It features a wide array of podcasts, breakthroughs and expert opinions. It provides recommendations based on the user's interest and lets people access and share content. It uniquely allows their newsletter to be modified to the taste and preferences of the user.

CoinLive: As the name implies, this site is dedicated to providing real-time cryptocurrency market analysis and news. It covers all the market news and views from other top crypto news platforms. Along with that, they feature video interviews, detailed professional market analysis and professional surveys. The website looks for audience contribution and constantly seeks to drive cryptocurrency adoption.

CoinLib: Another free source that focuses on fresh news, CoinLib has alerts, charts and data on a host of tokens that are provided in real time. They allow their users to set up a portfolio to track specific news about certain coins. It also allows searches on individual cryptocurrency for the best price on the market by using their Best Price Explorer tool.

CryptoCoin: Being in business for almost half a decade give this crypto news aggregator a certain reputation. Apart from offering regular news, updates on the site look to inform its users about the underlying technology. To this end, it not only has information about this but also a whole section dedicated to blockchain and associated technology related ebooks that can be downloaded. The site is also known for its level of user engagement, using fun quizzes and a suggestion feature.

Crypto News: Their unique focus on covering crypto mining, initial coin offering and blockchain using an Android application makes it the go-to place for those who are constantly on the move. The app provides a host of cryptocurrency news, as well as analytics and opinions. It also focuses particular attention on mining activities governments’ sentiments and regulations pertaining to digital assets.

The advantages of modern living allow one to comfortably keep oneself updated on the latest happenings in the crypto market. With sites catering to everyone's taste from general news to specific projects, it is indeed a good time to start looking into cryptos. After all the sites are more than simple news sources, they are platforms that offer a wide range of resources to really help someone get the best in-depth knowledge about the industry.