Trading IT Infrastructure firm Avelacom has teamed up with Chicago-based crypto exchange known as Seed CX. The latest merger was published in a press release on May 23. The latest collaboration has been made in order to provide more infrastructure and connectivity solutions to the Avelacom. 

The merger focuses to enable institutional clients of Avelacom, which acts as an infrastructure provider for the financial services firm to use Seed CX's real-time market data and order-routing products. Presently, Seed CX offers services of a licensed exchange for institutional trading and settlement of spot digital asset products, with its goal to provide its services for Commodity Futures Trading Commission-regulated digital asset derivatives.

Aleksey Larichev, who is the Managing Director of Avelacom stated that the Crypto Markets have experienced “low uptime, slow matching engines, insufficient support, and platforms that are not friendly for latency and jitter sensitive applications.” The latest merger will allegedly improve access to relevant data for crypto traders.

With the latest merger, the traders of Avelacom will be able to add more crypto assets in their portfolios at the platform. Avelacom is a huge network. The firm consists of 30,000 miles of fiber routes which connect some continents such as Europe, Asia, America, and Australia. The technology provided by the firm has a great level of elegance and it provides upto 100 Gbps (upgraded to 400 Gbps).

Avelacom, which is based in Russia has also made some plans to start providing its services in Singapore. By this, they will be able to team up with the crypto exchanges in the region and execute a high-quality infrastructure there as well.

As per the reports shared by the firm, the Asian market will be highly benefited by the low-latency solutions in the company, this consists of cross-connect opportunities, order routing, market data delivery, and cloud strategies.

Seed CX is highly interested in providing more options for its investors. For example, the firm is said to be providing a new feature for institutional investors such as Spot Trading.

Seed CX was considered to be highly efficient in all the aspects, hence it was chosen as a partner for new investment. Based on Avelacom, the firm was pleased to make such collaboration with a great company like this and offer value to its clients in trading space.