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  • Aug 15, 2022

Bitcoin Price Surges 15% in 24 Hours as BTC/USD Rate Goes Above $8,600

Bitcoin has gone through many changes in price through the last ten years, and the changes of the industry tend to be correlated with the differences. With China’s president supporting blockchain technology, there are many traders...

The 15 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Trade Bitcoin with in 2019

Although the following list isn’t exhaustive, it does present the current top 15 digital exchanges on offer to global users. All exchanges charge user fees somehow. Depending on exchange model and nature, fees vary, although all e...

Bitcoin @10: 10th Anniversary of Satoshi Nakamoto Mining the Genesis Block

On the 3rd of January, 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto mined the first ever block on the Bitcoin blockchain, popularly known as the ‘genesis block’.

How to Short Bitcoin?

Learn what shorting Bitcoins means various ways in which you can short Bitcoins to make a profit even when its price is on a continuous decline.

Factom: The Sleeping Crypto Giant

First-class analytics can only occur with quality data. As the old saying goes, ‘garbage in and garbage out’, and it still holds correct – incorrect data is of very little usage.