• Jul 21,2018

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Congressman Brad Sherman’s Comments Result in Major Backlash From the Crypto-Community

Congressman Brad Sherman, who believes that Bitcoins can’t achieve much - has now demanded for a blanket ban on "buying or mining cryptocurrencies."

Govt Documents Reveal Coinbase Has Formed a Political Action Committee

Coinbase, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange and wallet provider in North America, has formed its own Political Action Committee (PAC) in June 2018.

Switzerland Expected to Relax ICO Laws Amid Declining Popularity

Switzerland is working towards relaxing cryptocurrency and ICO-related laws to attract more crypto/blockchain firms as well as ICOs to the country.

Coming Soon: A Utility Token From Steve Bannon! 

Bannon has today revealed that he wants to launch his own cryptocurrency soon - which would be a utility token for populist movements around the world.

RBI v/s Cryptocurrency Exchanges: Indian Supreme Court Declares ‘Final Hearing’ on 11 September

The final hearing has been moved to 11th September because SEBI, as well as certain cryptocurrency exchanges, are yet to file their response to the petition.

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