Blockchain Technology News

Vulnerability Found in Ledger Hardware Wallets: Your Cryptocurrencies May Be At Risk!

Millions of Ledger hardware wallet users are at a risk of losing their funds as a vulnerability has been found which can alter the Bitcoin deposit address!

List of Innovative Use Cases of the Blockchain Technology: Looking Beyond Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies

Find out how blockchain technology can change the world one step at a time

Japan’s TEPCO Makes Strategic Investment in UK blockchain startup Electron

Japanese energy giant TEPCO is looking to the power of the blockchain to transform its energy sector and has invested in UK startup Electron to make this a reality.

The Important Roles of Hashing and Digital Signatures on Blockchain Technology

The blockchain technology has two major component parts that underpin it. These are hashing and digital signatures.

India Bans PwC as it Seeks to Embrace Blockchain Technology

India bans PwC for two years. Find out how this is connected to blockchain technology.

Blockchain Technology’s Massive Industry Disruptions

In this article you will find details about how Blockchain as a technology will disrupt the world.