Blockchain News

Reddit Co-Founder Turns His Attention Towards Blockchain Investment

Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian has stepped down from managing day-to-day operations of Reddit to focus on his blockchain investments firm, Initialized Capital.

Blockchain in Education: Indian Government to Introduce Tamper-Proof Degree Certificates

The Government of India is now working on creating a blockchain based platform which will bring forward a digital certification of tamper-proof educational degrees.

Singapore Airlines To Introduce Blockchain Based Loyalty Wallet App

Singapore Airlines is all set to introduce a digital wallet app which will run on the blockchain technology, allowing frequent flyers to use airline miles at Point of Sale retail systems.

Vulnerability Found in Ledger Hardware Wallets: Your Cryptocurrencies May Be At Risk!

Millions of Ledger hardware wallet users are at a risk of losing their funds as a vulnerability has been found which can alter the Bitcoin deposit address!

FedEx Makes Use of Blockchain Technology To Improve Transparency in Logistics

FedEx has started off with a pilot program that makes use of the Blockchain Technology to improve transparency in logistics and helps in dispute resolution.

European Union Teams Up With Ethereum-Based Startup for EU Blockchain Observatory

The EU Blockchain Observatory is now being prepared in association with an Ethereum based startup, ConsenSys. This is the first major step towards building a blockchain economy!

ConsenSys and Amalto use Ethereum platform for Ticket-based Process Automation

Blockchain company ConsenSys and Amalto, which is the leader in order-to-cash, field data management and logistics, announced a joint venture for the development of an ethereum-based platform that will facilitate “the automation of ticket-based order-to-cash processes in the oil and gas industry.”

Japan’s TEPCO Makes Strategic Investment in UK blockchain startup Electron

Japanese energy giant TEPCO is looking to the power of the blockchain to transform its energy sector and has invested in UK startup Electron to make this a reality.

The Important Roles of Hashing and Digital Signatures on Blockchain Technology

The blockchain technology has two major component parts that underpin it. These are hashing and digital signatures.

Why Peculium Is the Best Way to Optimize ROI in Cryptocurrency Trading

The popularity of cryptocurrencies has hit the roof. They are the best investment that everyone is rushing to.