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ICO Scams on the Rise: Over $1 Billion Stolen in ICO Scams

Over a Billion dollars have been lost in ICO scams - and 271 scammy coins have been identified, a report from the Wall Street Journal points out.

By Aditya Worah

Coincheck Looks Forward to Expand into the US; Drops Privacy-Centric Coins

Oki Matsumoto, the Monex CEO believes that while Japan is a very progressive market when it comes to cryptocurrencies - the US is expected to soon take it over.

By Aditya Worah

Supreme Court of India To Take Up All Crypto-Petitions, No New Petitions to be Allowed

India's Supreme Court has stated that the High Courts will no longer accept any petitions against the RBI’s order - the SC will take up all pending petitions.

By Aditya Worah

Cryptocurrency Scammers Arrested in China over $47 Million Fraud

The Chinese police have arrested 6 individuals of PEB firm in connection to cryptocurrency scam.

By Hariharan Kirubasankar

Snapchat-Investor Lightspeed Ventures May Rebrand as Cryptocurrency Investment Firm

Lightspeed, Snapchat's biggest backer, plans to start an initiative that solely focuses on crypto investments.

By Hariharan Kirubasankar

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